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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1938 Ford Truck

1938 Ford Truck. 1938 Ford Truck
  • 1938 Ford Truck

  • gri
    Apr 22, 03:53 PM
    Apple should produce a really light and small MacBook Air: 400 to 600 g and 7-inches. The Mac in your pocket. Always.

    Its already there and even smaller - and called iPhone...:rolleyes:

    1938 Ford Truck. 1938 Ford Pickup - Field Hand
  • 1938 Ford Pickup - Field Hand

  • Kingsly
    Aug 23, 07:18 PM
    There is nothing unusual with this move, I dont know why it keeps coming up. In fact, its strategic on Creative's part to include it in the settlement. They make good headphones and speakers, and if affixing a 'Made for iPod' tag on them increases revenue, they have nothing to lose. Total profit
    I understand that, but I thought Apple would've just bought creative or won the lawsuit. Either way, Steve did not sound happy.

    1938 Ford Truck. 1915 Model T Ford Pickup
  • 1915 Model T Ford Pickup

  • PeterQVenkman
    Mar 22, 03:31 PM
    Honestly, if it made any sense whatsoever then Apple wouldn't have killed it. Do the math.

    If it didn't make sense Apple wouldn't have sold the 24" in the first place. Do the math.

    You're living in the past, kid.

    I can't believe you're actually sounding snobby about an iMac screen size. Wow.

    1938 Ford Truck. tagged 1938 ford truck,
  • tagged 1938 ford truck,

  • BWhaler
    Sep 4, 11:39 PM
    This seems contradictory.

    10 bucks, but it only streams?

    Maybe I am missing something, or maybe this is just pieces of the puzzle.

    1938 Ford Truck. Ford V-8 Truck (1938)
  • Ford V-8 Truck (1938)

  • AaronEdwards
    Apr 20, 12:59 PM
    If your behavior is risqu� then the risk of a security breach is very important. :)

    I'd agree. But unless someone is actually targeting you, you will get lost in the sheer amount of data. Google stores data about you, but they also store data about billions other.

    That doesn't mean that people would end up in trouble because of security breaches, but it's a lot like people winning on the lottery. Some do, but most don't.

    1938 Ford Truck. 1938 Ford Pickup - Oldie But
  • 1938 Ford Pickup - Oldie But

  • pika2000
    Apr 11, 02:32 AM
    There are apps for AirPlay.

    Perhaps you have not heard of this thing call the App Store. :rolleyes:
    Care to actually show me what app that will actually do what I was talking about? :rolleyes:
    I want to play music from iTunes on my Mac as the source, and multiple airplay devices as the target. Currently I can only play to Airport Expresses and Apple TVs (and upcoming Airplay certified speakers). I want Apple to include all iOS devices to that list of target devices.

    1938 Ford Truck. a 1938 ford pickup truck
  • a 1938 ford pickup truck

  • Yvan256
    Sep 5, 06:05 PM
    OK hear me out on this one - WHAT IF Apple, in all its wisdom and foresight, avoids the format war (Blu-ray vs HD-DVD) altogether by NOT using a physical format? [...] they do something GENIUS like sell DOWNLOADABLE HD movies on their iTunes store and release a stream-to-TV device!

    That's been my point of view since day one. Some kind of hardware to connect between your computer(s) and your television and you get your movies from the iTMS (iTunes Media Store).

    The only thing that I'd like to see (and I'm sure I won't) is rentals. I wouldn't mind downloading 480p movies for rentals, either. It lowers the bandwidth costs, the download time, etc.

    Will the "box" be an Airport Xpress (or something) or a special version of Mac mini (super-low cost, no hard drive, no optical drive, 512MB soldered on-board, not upgradable).

    1938 Ford Truck. 1938 Ford Truck
  • 1938 Ford Truck

  • LarryC
    Apr 22, 03:03 PM
    Err... and how is that relevant? I'm sure Blu-Ray will live on in other notebooks, but Apple's? Unlikely.

    There were 100GB BDXL when Apple refreshed the MacBook Pro's this year.

    Maybe when Steve Jobs is gone for good then Apple can finally have Blu-Ray and a laptop with a right-click mouse.

    1938 Ford Truck. 1938 Ford Truck
  • 1938 Ford Truck

  • crees!
    Sep 5, 01:36 PM
    Apple seems to agree with you. They want you to buy lifestyle products that complement your Mac and the iLife apps, as opposed to a sepearte 'Media Center' type hardware.
    Yes, and watch that be a beefed up version of Front Row. But, then what would our Microsuck friends use?

    1938 Ford Truck. 1938 Ford Roadster Pick Up
  • 1938 Ford Roadster Pick Up

  • dmelgar
    Sep 15, 08:40 PM
    '07? They've been planning for for years is seems like and '07 is the best they can do? I figure the biggest issues are dealing with the US telcos. They want the UI to look like they dictate. They want to charge for music download/transfer to the phone. Apple has not succeeded in getting movies studios to back iTV and iTunes. They may not have luck with telcos either.

    Seems like all the good products are being delayed or havent happened. iTV, 07, iPhone 07, new video ipod... missing.

    1938 Ford Truck. 1938 Ford Fire Engine Diecast
  • 1938 Ford Fire Engine Diecast

  • BRLawyer
    Apr 28, 04:10 PM
    Yes I am. And fairly new to Apple (switched to Mac in 2006 and iPhone in 2007).

    Does being new here mean that I have to learn how a corporation that just recorded at record net income of $5.23 billion is "DEAD"? If so, please enlighten me.

    I have worked in finance for 35 years and only hold a Bachelors degree in Buisiness, but I'm sure from your response that you (and others here) know more about business than me. So please explain how the earnings report is an indication of impeding doom.... I'm always willing to learn from a group of experts!

    Nope, my point is that you don't really know my post history...[COMPANY NAME] IS DEAD used to be my motto ;)

    1938 Ford Truck. 1938 Ford Pickup - Field Hand
  • 1938 Ford Pickup - Field Hand

  • cube
    Mar 30, 01:28 PM

    1938 Ford Truck. 1938 Ford Cab Over Engine COE
  • 1938 Ford Cab Over Engine COE

  • alust2013
    Apr 25, 12:06 AM
    Technically I was only 20 over the limit (I'm in Michigan). Also, radar detectors are a great thing:)


    Because that makes it safe.

    A side note: It's under no circumstance appropriate to try to cause a wreck for someone driving slow. That's what causes road rage. Do it to the wrong person and you get killed. I would have just been nice and reported your plates to the police. I wouldn't have likely brake checked, but that's a different point.

    1938 Ford Truck. 1938 Ford Pickup - Limelight
  • 1938 Ford Pickup - Limelight

  • Don Kosak
    Apr 30, 01:30 PM
    Great news.

    I wonder if the price for SSD storage will be more reasonable?

    They have been "tweaking" this design a bit over the years, making it thiner, and reducing the size of the chin. (and going from Plastic to Aluminium if you really want to push it as technically, those early iMacs had the same design.)

    I think a big redesign to a drafting table/upright convertible style iMac is somewhere in the future, but OS X Lion is probably not the OS it will be running.

    - Don

    1938 Ford Truck. 1938-Ford-Truck-Parts
  • 1938-Ford-Truck-Parts

  • Oli3000
    Apr 22, 11:50 AM
    Something that was highlighted to me the other day is that 'apple staff can not book holiday on the 20th/21st/22nd May to mark the 10th anniversary of Apple Retail Stores.'

    So, likelihood of MBA and iMac updates available for that weekend maybe?

    Still, I have a 13.3 MBA ultimate, and yes I do game on it regularly - in a casual manner. I would hate to lose that ability - it somewhat loses plausibility as a laptop worth �1500! If I really want to game I would use a desktop, but a real leader in it's field, should have the ability to do everything at a reasonable level!

    1938 Ford Truck. COOL OLD TRUCK

  • iGary
    Sep 14, 10:55 AM
    That's cool, I was told I was delusional when I said that Meroms would ship in mid-2006 and the eMac would be replaced by an iMac with GMA950 too. :D

    Me too, when I said iMac would never get a Conroe chip. :D

    1938 Ford Truck. 1938 Ford Hot Rod pickup
  • 1938 Ford Hot Rod pickup

  • dondark
    Sep 14, 12:51 AM
    I heard I think here at macrumors that Sony's mp3/phone is selling like hotcakes and I think they branded it as a walkman/cell phone.

    What I hope is that the iPhone will be on Cingular, since my entire family and most of my friends are on it. I'd pass on the phone if they do one of those new deals where you're piggy-backing on other networks like Alltel (alltell, altell??) or it's on another carrier.


    I think iPhone better to be an UNLOCK phone.

    1938 Ford Truck. A 1938 Ford truck still in the
  • A 1938 Ford truck still in the

  • revfife
    Sep 12, 02:33 PM
    The headphones look different on the specs page, new earbuds mayhaps?

    Yeah, Steve said something about a new design on the standard Apple headphones

    1938 Ford Truck. Ford Pickup 1938. This truck
  • Ford Pickup 1938. This truck

  • MacCheetah3
    Apr 11, 02:04 PM
    Been wanting this for a while. I have a windows PC just doing nothing, if I can turn it into an Airport Express like device, can have music going throughout the house.
    You already can, it's called Home Sharing (, which is also available on your iDevice using iOS 4.3 and later.

    There are a number of AirPlay apps in the App Store that allow an iDevice to be recognized as an Apple TV, as mentioned, AirView ( is one of those particular apps -- and it even offers streaming from one iDevice to another, as one of the other devices is a virtual Apple TV.

    Why is it that much more difficult to create an app that receives audio only AirPlay? I don't know -- but I'm not a veteran iOS app developer.

    I think, with iOS now capable of being in the Home Sharing loop the demand for audio only streaming to iDevices using AirPlay -- instead of some third-party solution -- is extremely low.

    Mar 30, 12:56 PM
    So if Apple losses can they just go and make a really, really crummy, crash prone application that sells MP3, that are encoded really poorly, and is just the most absolutely worst garbage ever and call it, "Da Amazon MP3 and AppStore for Windows and Office" ?

    While I do think Apple's TM should be upheld, I do wish they would change the name themselves.


    Sep 14, 01:12 AM
    sorry but it's stainless steel, has a nice weight to it, the slider action is awesome (slides out on bearings made by BMW or Benz), plays AAC, so I can use any iTunes song for my Alarm or Ringtone or just media as well as radio reception built in, has bluetooth, not to mention a pretty kick ass golf game. Oh yeah, and it isn't a piece of junk like all those Moto Razrs.
    Sure it's a nice phone. My dad had it for about a week. He ended up returning it beacuse of the really bad battery life. It lasted not even a day. He's on his phone a large portion of the day because he owns a business. He returned it and ended up getting some other nokia can't remmebr the number.

    Sep 14, 11:38 AM
    Prior to the date being given out for the press event I was fully expecting a new MBP at Photokina.

    However now given that it is on a Sunday I see no hope of an update. They wouldn't take down the store on a Sunday whereas the Apeture update will either be a free download or a preview of a 2.0 App therefore needing no major store changes.

    PS Is there any precedence of hardware updates on a Sunday?

    It's a special event, so I see no reason why Apple cannot take the online store down for a couple hours. The new iMac 24-inch was introduced on a Wednesday rather than a Tuesday. Perhaps Apple will just announce Aperture 2.0 and then new MacBook Pros will be released that Tuesday. Ah, I don't know! Anything can happen with Apple... :)

    Oh and as for the update to Aperture 2.0 being free, I highly doubt that will happen. The only way I can see it being free is if it was a minor update, like to version 1.2. Apple wouldn't hold an event for a minor update, though, so 2.0 it is!

    Oct 12, 04:38 PM
    Dude... That has to be the most racist thing I have ever read! :eek:


    Please... check the dictionary before getting bent out of shape.

    Evolve is different than evolution. You can evolve in more ways than they show you on the little Ape to Man chart. Evolve is a word in the English language, specifically a verb, which means "to develop gradually".

    Apr 22, 02:30 PM
    Look at netflix and hulu plus. if you can get access to TONS of content through a subscription what is the point of owning an actual physical copy if you can watch it from your queue online on your device?

    Have you ever actually watched Netflix or Hulu on a iPhone or iPad over 3G? It totally sucks - not even close to what it looks like when stored locally, especially on the iPad.


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