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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In Memory Of Tattoo

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  • poppe
    Aug 29, 02:39 AM
    I don't know. I think the latest MBP was rushed to market a bit. I think Apple just wanted to get to intel and really ddn't think about design.

    The current PB look has been around since 2001. I think the alumin look is starting to look soooo 2000. Were heading toward time to move on with a new chip and a new look.

    Personally I prefer plastic to metal. Metal shows way too many scratches, finger prints, smudges, etc. The smooth shiny plastic look is much better and it is more durable. The metal enclosures dent, bend and break. They also transmit the heat faster to your lap and interfere with BT and Airport. The plastic enclosures give and spring back like new.

    Gun Metal ABS plastic with rounded smooth corners, new keyboard, quick access ram, HD, and battery, magnetic latch, sound like the future to me.:D

    New keyboard? Like the MBs? Why would you want that (not trying to say thats dumb, i'm just curious to why you would want that over the current)

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  • rstansby
    Apr 22, 02:20 AM
    So Apple's method could be more efficient their side, offering a spotify type model where everyone accesses the same iTunes purchased track (except this time they own it) instead of Amazon's where each indivdual track is stored in their "digital locker"?

    A nice bt of foresight by Apple if so.

    It's not really an original idea. Lala was doing this last year, until Apple bought them and shut them down.

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  • ju5tin81
    Sep 14, 09:54 AM
    Definitely need bigger HD's in the laptops now... 60 in the MB 80 in the MBP! Not really cutting it when there is a 80GB iPod!

    Not just bigger discs but reasonable prices. The mini's apple upgrade 60-120GB costs �100 and on the MB it costs �180! :eek: How come? Don't they use the same disks?

    Sorry, just ranting now... I'd just love to be able to buy a decent 'off the peg' machine that doesn't need upgrades....

    I'm in the market for a new MB, doubtful at this next event, but hopefully soon! (and with a much bigger disk as standard):p

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  • macenforcer
    Oct 12, 03:47 PM
    So how's your Polio treating you?

    Cured because the president had polio and before the corporate greed infrastructure took hold. NEXT...

    Still making money on the polio vaccinations though ain't they.

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  • mdntcallr
    Sep 14, 09:33 AM
    yep i smell both the aperture update,

    and hopefully the merom MBP, don't think that the macbook will be updated with merom, they need to differentiate their pro and consumer lines. also, by using the core duo chips in the macbook, perhaps they can lower the price by $100 as the cpu cost is coming down from intel with the new merom out.

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  • abscond
    Sep 26, 07:22 AM
    I hope it isn't O2, that would be a shame. To be honest, any network lockins would be bad.
    My vote would be Orange if I had the choice.

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  • linux2mac
    Apr 28, 06:06 PM
    Another nickel in the bank.
    Image (

    Terrible choice of image for an analogy. Lacks imagination. Not a good trait for success in the creative field. Go back to BD thread and take a look at how others use imagery to make a point. But thanks for the laugh.

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  • Warbrain
    Sep 26, 08:50 AM
    Yeah, but not if it's locked. I had to call up my provider and beg for my unlock code so that I could use *my* phone in Asia, and then they said yes, and never sent it to me. Call them back, and...well..rinse, repeat.

    What about people like me who travel a lot and want to pop in SIM cards in other places? I'm sick and tired of the U.S. market and all of its stupid contract / vendor lock-in ********.

    Pity to see Apple on that bandwagon; I hope they just sell the phone in the Apple Store unlocked, and let us choose the carrier we want.

    But then they need to build two different phones based on two different sets of components and it would end up being too expensive in the end. Yes, the provider of the service will give you the unlock code for when you want to travel, but Apple and any other company that makes a cell phone will never be able to sell unlocked phones in this country and allow you to choose which provider you want. Nokia is trying it now at their two stores in Chicago and New York, but I can tell you that it's not going to work.

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  • sevimli
    Apr 20, 09:55 AM
    This really sucks! :eek:

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  • dib
    Aug 28, 10:25 PM
    I ordered the following iMac online yesterday and the ship date is shown as 9/12 (16 days from order date). Who knows what this means.

    MAC 20/2.0/SD CTO
    ATI Radeon X1600-256MB SDRAM
    2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM-2x1GB
    500GB Serial ATA drive
    SuperDrive 8X
    Kybd, Mighty Mse & Mac OS X
    Country Kit

    Estimated Shipped By Estimated Delivered By
    Sep 12, 2006 Sep 19, 2006

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  • Northgrove
    Apr 19, 07:52 AM
    Samsung running Android look very very similar to Apple's, to the point where it causes confusion in the marketplace for consumers. I've seen several people mistake one of these things for an iPhone because they look that similar. It's a combination of Google's Android and Samsung's hardware.

    This confusion is no accident, that was the intent all along. There is no reason why they could not create their own look and feel... change it up enough so it's not an obvious copy. Other handset makers have been able to do that.

    I agree. Sometimes I think this kind of lawsuits are a stretch and a bit silly, but not this time. When there's confusion even to me as a geek after a quick glance on these smarthpones, I have to agree that it's gone too far. It's obvious that Samsung is simply mimicking Apple at this point to ride on their popularity wave, and thus leeching off their profits. That just can't be right.

    I've seen other comments in this thread, comments saying that iPhone UI's haven't changed the last four years, so Apple aren't actually renewing themselves. This is however completely besides the point -- no company has an obligation to do so, especially when the UI is part of their brand and image, like in Apple's case. Then it's counterproductive to change UI drastically bi-yearly. Their patents are invalidated even if they don't renew themselves.

    I like how the iPhone revolutionized the idea with apps and app markets, and still maintaining ease-of-use, but I had really assumed that major competitors like Samsung would be able to keep competing while not starting their carbon copiers. Yes -- there are many undiscovered ways of building a smartphone, especially in terms of the software which I imagine is what Apple is getting at here.

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  • mi5moav
    Sep 5, 01:21 PM
    A super cool video camera. Please, Please, how are we supposed to get our stuff on youtube or movietube. You could make video with an apple videocamera, edit on a mac then upload to Apple movietube and then sell your movie/short for $2.99 and Apple would get $1.99 profit and I would get 99 cents for the millions that buy it WEEEEEHOOOOOO.

    Welcome MovieTube & Quicktake HD

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  • milo
    Sep 5, 05:31 PM
    Milo.I have my MacBook sitting next to and connected via S-Video to my TV and use iTunes sharing via Airport to watch videos almost every day..

    The key to good quality over iTunes sharing is to make the movie hinted.
    And it streams just fine..

    I never said the streaming isn't possible. I just said there isn't a HARDWARE device like the airport that makes this possible without a computer.

    Having to leave a computer hooked up to the TV all the time (or drag over a laptop) isn't a convenient solution. An airport box with video output IS a new solution, and something not available now.

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  • Anonymous Freak
    Sep 29, 10:05 PM
    Sorry if the question has been answered before, but here goes:

    Is any of the film content in iTunes Store in 16x9 encoded? In other words, is it enhanced for widescreen displays (commonly known as anamorphically encoded)?

    Being 16x9 encoded is not the same thing as being anaporphically encoded.

    Being 16x9 encoded just means that the video is meant to be viewed at a 16x9 ratio. Yes, the movies (that I have bought, anyway,) are 16x9. Specifically, Good Will Hunting is 640x344.

    Anamorphically encoded refers to the act of 'stretching' 16x9 source to the height of 4x3; so that you effectively get 33% more 'vertical' data than horizontal. The TV is then supposed to 'squish' the video back to 16x9. So, for example, if you tell your DVD player that you have a '16x9 anamorphic' TV, it will output the widescreen video to fill the entire 720x480 resolution. If you tell it you have a '16x9 non-anamorphic', it will still be outputting 720x480, but will add black bars on the top and bottom, to achive a 'video' resolution of 720x405.

    My TV, for example, has a special '16x9 anamorphic' mode where it actually re-aims its electron beam so that it's only drawing in the 16x9 area, but at a higher vertical density than it normally would. Meaning that I no longer have square pixels. Instead, I have pixels that are 1.33 times wider than tall. (More data packed in height-wise.)

    If iTunes movies were sold as anamorphic, then Good Will Hunting would be 640x372, and rely on the TV to 'squish' the 372 high into the height that 344 should be. Thereby displaying more vertical information in the same space.

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  • dornoforpyros
    Sep 14, 07:11 PM
    damn you apple! now my purchase is delayed further, ok, this is the last 11 days I swear...yeah I've been saying that for every date for the last month, the 5th, the the 24th.

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  • WisdomWolf
    Apr 11, 09:21 PM
    It makes me grin a little when I see posts like in this thread posted by people who obviously have no shortage of money (with their multiple mac systems) and yet dont want to hand over a little money for something thats been out for 5 years and makes the audio elements of airplay completely redundant.

    A NAS, Sonos and Popcorn Hour is all you need for your cd less, dvd less, blu ray less entertainment systems. But anyway, carry on bashing your heads against the Apple system.

    That's why this key is so wonderful, because now you only need the NAS and an HTPC (like an Aspire Revo). One less device = happy people. Plus, with XBMC you get all the format support that the popcorn hour has, but a much nicer interface and a centralized database.

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  • blahblah100
    Mar 30, 12:48 PM
    Sue M$

    What about App�� ?

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  • harry20larry
    Apr 11, 11:06 AM
    Home sharing from your Mac won't do that?

    Nope, because I want everybody to play their own libraries to some proper speaker, not internal speakers

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  • zacman
    Mar 30, 11:30 AM
    By that argument, aren't windows and office generic terms???

    Office and Windows are/were generic words OUTSIDE of the computer industry (like Apple). But app(lication) store is a generic word INSIDE of the computer industry and that the big legal difference here.

    Apr 11, 09:18 PM
    The more paranoid might suggest that oil companies are collaborating with auto makers and the government to keep efficiency as low as they can get away with. Remember, the record for fuel economy was set in the mid 70s in a slightly modified Opel: something like 237 miles on a gallon (US) of gasoline. Highly idealized conditions no doubt, but my goodness, the average automobile today should be at least a third of the way there.

    Well, if we're talking about ideal conditions...

    The Shell Opel got close to 400mpg back in the 70s. Now Shell sponsors the Eco Challenge and the top internal combustion car for 2010 was over 6000mpg while the top fuel cell car was over 10,000mpg.

    No... those aren't typos.

    Oct 27, 11:14 AM
    Also people fail to point out that we don't know the other company's contracts. Someone said that other booths had free range and were giving out things all around. For all we know they negotiated for a larger handout space. If companies like LaCie and Adobe threatened to pull from the show unless they could hand out things all over the expo I'm sure MacExpo would have allowed it. If did the same, MacExpo wouldn't have any problems with not giving them a booth. They could have easily handed out fliers across the street.

    Sep 26, 07:05 AM
    This is good news. I will not have to switch providers!:D

    Sep 19, 05:07 PM
    Looking at some financials, I think Disney sells on the order of 100M DVD units per quarter, which comes out to about 7-10M units per week? 125k units through the online channel in one week isn't so bad. :) If they hit their $50M revenue target, that means they will see sales on the order of 1% of total home video sales? That's a fair start.

    And undoubtedly a better margin. I have not seen any concrete numbers, but I had read an article months ago speculating that a studio's margin on digitally distributed movies would be about twice the margin it receives on DVDs.

    Plus, for catalog sales, the is almost NO marginal cost; the films just sit on a server until someone buys them.

    Sep 14, 07:40 PM
    Photokina is a photo convention. Not a computer convention.

    the 17" MBP was released at a Media event... why not an update at a Photo event...

    This is Apple.. they dont follow rules

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