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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lemieux Coat Of Arms

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  • Westside guy
    Apr 11, 02:18 AM
    They'll change the key and force a firmware update on any airport express user who wants to update itunes.

    Unlikely - this would require the new private key be embedded in the firmware update package, which would defeat the purpose of replacing the old key.

    This is a fundamental issue with DRM solutions - you, as the consumer, have to hold the private key. They (Apple) can obfuscate where that key is, but in the end it has to be accessible in some manner. It's the same thing with iTunes DRM. If someone cares enough, they can almost certainly retrieve the private key (which is how Requiem works).

    I'm guessing Apple may make some half-hearted move or another; but I doubt they care all that much.

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  • LarryC
    Apr 30, 11:51 PM
    Backing up to optical media is generally a poor decision. The longevity of the media is suspect. While I understand that improvements continue, I have seen many CDs and DVDs just quit working over time.

    The reply immediately after your's is good advice in my opinion. Backing up to the cloud is my preferred primary backup. I use crashplan+. I also keep a 2nd local backup in the house using Time Machine/Time Capsule. I backup locally every hour... and I back up to the cloud every 15 minutes.


    I guess I will have to check into some of these newer methods. I do have an external hard drive that backs up everything every hour using Time Machine. I know that the advice about having two different types of back ups is a good idea. I suppose I need to learn more about this new method. Thank you, for your comment. It is almost one in the morning here now. Good night, Mac rumors.

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  • johnmcboston
    Sep 20, 10:08 AM
    i used to love them laser discs :D wow they are still selling on ebay as well :cool:

    Hey, now that I bought an A/D converter, I could finally get my LDs to DVD and and selling off the LDs. Of allthe garbage on DVD surprising how much on LD still hasn't made it to DVD (and may never...:) )

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  • QCassidy352
    Sep 12, 02:14 PM
    all good improvements, but pretty disappointing considering that the 5G was approaching 1 year since release.

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  • PBF
    Apr 11, 01:59 AM
    Apple don't like the word 'expose' in any form whatsoever. :p

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  • ghayenga
    Nov 13, 02:41 PM
    If the rules are clearly spelled out and they dont follow them-then they shouldnt be crybabies in public

    The "rules" *aren't* carefully spelled out.

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  • BornAgainMac
    Oct 12, 12:33 PM
    Why is U2 so big with iPods anyways? The only group to have their own iPod. :confused:

    (I don't mean to be disrespectful to the U2 fanboys out there)

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  • Eraserhead
    Nov 13, 05:03 PM
    But it's been more than one day. Joe Hewitt resigned Wednesday (

    Regardless its still within a short period.

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  • flopticalcube
    Apr 16, 10:34 PM
    Paying higher taxes in Canada is well worth the benefits here IMO. There are still those groups who take advantage, but it seems to a lesser extent here. Aside from wait times everyone seems content with paying taxes for what they receive. There are some things I disagree with where the government oversteps their bounds (and others where they don't step in enough, cell phone companies/Internet suck up here due to no competition)., but the election system is also much better IMO. I don't know 100% how the system for election works here but it seems the government was challenged a couple months ago and they are already voting for pm. No year long campaign.

    Vote of non-confidence. Yeah, short campaigns are the best and the cell/Internet situation sucks balls but there are a few ways around it with some restrictions. No waiting lists outside big cities. Good to see you are settling in, ZA.

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  • roadbloc
    Apr 4, 04:26 PM
    Thanks, McAfee,

    Ever since I got my first mac in you and other antivirus vendors have been reminding me, every six months or so, that OS X is facing an imminent security meltdown.

    Though this is yet to happen, it's always enough to remind me to make sure I've got the latest version of the excellent and free ClamXav, and that I have a good working backup of my machine, which is made possible by many other wonderful free tools.

    Though I'll never buy your software, you provide a great service to me.

    Thanks, Ed

    ClamXav only detects Windows viruses.

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  • cere
    Apr 14, 12:29 PM
    You made a simple claim:
    "Thunderbolt will be 'Mac only'"

    It won't be, you were proven wrong, now get over it. Maybe you missed the title of this topic?
    "Intel to Support Both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt in 2012 'Ivy Bridge' Platform"
    First, no I made no such claim. I responded to one. And the claim wasn't that it will be restricted to being Mac only, but that it will end up being Mac only, in the same sense that FW is. Some PC ship with FW, but not many. It is considered a Mac only interface. The gist is that TB may as well, if history repeats. You didn't prove anything. You see many PC's shipping with TB right now? How many PC vendors have announces support for TB? The unfortunate fact is that consumers know the USB brand, so the vendors will support it. TB might be in Intel's spec, but that doesn't mean every system will support it nor that many drive vendors will either.

    See econgeek's post. It explains is pretty well.

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  • Macnoviz
    Sep 19, 02:54 PM
    Yeah it already lets you watch while downloading and frankly I think that this is a very important feature that is not often discussed. People bash it saying that it takes 1.5 hours to download a movie. Well if the movie is 1.5 hours long than wait 5 minutes and start watching. It is close to instant. I know that on my computer it only took 70 minutes to download which means I can start watching it right away. With Verizon rolling out their Fios internet with speeds of up to 30mbs even 1080p will soon be no problem. I am not sure just how big a 1080p movie is but I am hoping that within a year it will be do able for more people.

    Don't forget that Apple servers will be the weakest link here. Amazon servers were overcrowded the first days, leading to downloads of 8+ hours (and you can only rent them for 24 hours (or buy them, of course))
    They will have to build/purchase a data center or two

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  • gloss
    Sep 26, 06:59 AM
    who the hell are cingular? what about orange t-mobile, vodaphone or o2? I guess it's US only again...

    They're GSM, which means the likelihood you'll get the phone outside the States is very high.

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  • TonySwartz
    Oct 12, 04:35 PM (

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  • treblah
    Aug 23, 05:31 PM
    Good news all around if you ask me. See the NTP vs. RIM case for proof of how ridiculous things could have gotten.

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  • sinsin07
    Mar 23, 04:51 PM
    Oh god no I hope apple doesn't cave to this kind of Orwellian garbage. I feel for all of the victims of DUIs and know that I have personally called the police on a car that was very obviously had an impaired person behind the wheel but as a non drunk driver if I want to avoid being hassled I should be able to.

    In this case you getting hassled is < then the value of getting a drunk ass of the road.

    I do doubt how useful this app would be to a totally inebriated person, but let's get them buzz drinkers off the road too. If you have to use NYC transit after 911 you know what hassle is.

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  • andiwm2003
    Oct 12, 03:53 PM
    Ha ha, You are nuts. Let me tell you how it works.

    Nobody gets rich by curing a disease. That is why diabetes, AIDS, HIV etc are all treated with "Keep you alive but not cure you drugs" that you have to buy for the rest of your life. The government and drug companies are in it together and are pure evil. Ain't nobody going to cure anything unless they can keep making money doing it. Get it? Good.

    total BS and an insult to any scientist and doctor working overtime like crazy to find cures. sounds like a conspiracy theorist or a 13 year old speaking.:rolleyes:

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  • ctachme
    Sep 19, 01:49 PM
    Considering that the iTS is like the 5th biggest music vendor, they sure suck at selling movies. 125k is nothing compared to real movie vendors.

    Maybe when they get more than 75 movies. Amazon unbox started with like 2000 movies!

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  • MacSA
    Sep 1, 06:42 AM
    A lot of people have doubts as to whether that was a genuine upgrade or some kind of mistake on Apple's part.... or perhaps someone just playing around with us.

    Bernard SG
    Apr 29, 03:10 AM
    Is the global sales growth drop due to Windows? How many percent gain of the overall OS market has Apple gained with the 26% increase in Mac sales?

    Windows representing AFAIK at least 90% of the worldwide installed base, the dip in PC demand is all linked to a drop of Windows PC demand.
    Apple's global market share progressed by 1.4 point YoY to 4.6% in Q1 2011. In US figures, Mac market share progression is similar, 1.5 to 8.5%.
    Those figures do not include iPad and other tablets and include netbooks.

    And a little correction: Mac growth is actually 28%, not 26% as I wrote before.

    Apr 28, 06:15 PM
    Well done Apple. :)

    Apr 28, 03:27 PM
    Congrats Apple!

    Now if Apple can magically stop the knockoffs from copying it.

    I hope there are extra expensive chairs lying around Ballmer's office today

    Exactly. Ballmer is going to play donkey kong with his staff soon.

    Chupa Chupa
    Sep 14, 08:28 AM
    Most likely. I'm not a betting person, but Apple usually rolls out new pro machines during these types of events and what better way to show off the MBPs running C2D than a demonstration of Aperture 2.0. :)

    Yup. I agree. And I bet the new MBPs will ship immediately as well. What would be really cool is if Apple lowered the price of Aperture to $199 or so to make it more affordable to the photo piddlers among us. After all, surely Aperture 2 is going to have massive hardware and GPU requirements (read: QuadCore Mac + 4GB RAM + X1900 video card). That is really where Apple makes it's cash. Just dreaming, of course, because I can't justify a $300 software package when I'm just a dabbler. Lightroom beta has been fun though.

    Sep 6, 03:51 AM

    so if a 720p movie is 3 GB and a lot of you are saying it currently can take "forever" for video to download through the iTune Music Store, my question is, how long is "forever" to you all? i've lived in korea, and, on occasion, downloaded 3 GB in about one minute, so my perspective is pretty poor.

    i live in tokyo, where i get fantastic, fantastic fiber internet (and pay much for the pleasure), which yields pretty nice download speeds.

    i have never used the iTunes store! i have iTunes on my terrible, terrible PC here at work here at this Evil Corporation of mine, and i will be buying a MacBook Pro the moment Core 2 Duo is confirmed, so i might as well start using iTunes to download whatever pleases me. i only hope i can download some american television programs with a japanese iTunes account. or . . . maybe not? i don't know how it's going to work. i'll look into it!!

    would really like a new iPod!! my old 40GB workhorse finally fell over dead, a whole six months after the warranty was done for, so i'd love some big giant iPod video breakthrough.

    very excited to see what kind of distribution system they're looking at, seeing as it will affect both my life (40" 1080p bravia X series at home!!) and my . . . job.

    either way, this is all very exciting!! i just hope Core 2 Duo is announced. i want my 20%!!

    also, did anyone else notice that nintendo is doing press conferences world-wide on september 14th, unveiling the price and release of their Wii console?

    that company is looking more and more like apple every day.

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