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Monday, May 9, 2011

Loreena Mckennitt Elemental

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  • SeaFox
    Sep 26, 09:58 PM
    AllTel is IS95 ("CDMA") not GSM.

    The only two national operators of GSM networks in the US are T-Mobile and Cingular, though there are a small handful of regional networks dotted around the country.

    Not in all areas. In northern Wisconsin I got roaming signal on my GSM phone, and AllTel is the only carrier in the area.

    Actually we're both right ( Alltel does not offer GSM service to it's customers, but owns and maintains a large GSM network they aquired from another carrier.

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  • bassfingers
    Mar 30, 01:44 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Damn i wish i was smart enough to be a lawyer. Lots of money to be made! :D

    I wish I were*

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  • KingYaba
    Apr 11, 12:52 AM
    You also need to add in the ball and chain that is suburban/exurban hell. Some people are chained to their five acres willingly, but many are chained to suburbia due to poor planning caused by cheap oil. The added expense of owning two or three vehicles and maintaining a suburban home on a suburban sized lot, means a lot less money for other things. People bought into the false promises of suburbia and are now paying the price.

    All those monthly bills add up. I'm glad I never bought an iPhone, for example, when they first came out. I've saved a ton of money not buying the required data plan that goes comes with it. I don't want to put words in your mouth but it sounds like our priorities are all wrong and I agree.

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  • daneoni
    Sep 14, 11:48 AM
    But since everyone's discussing MBP's, I guess it fits.

    I know the Merom chip is compatible with the current boards in the CD MBP, but I've never heard anyone actually say that a CD MBP can be upgraded by simply dropping in a Merom chip. Will this be possible?

    No, the chip is soldiered onto the board and not socketed like desktops

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  • paulsecic
    Aug 28, 02:50 PM
    A week Tuesday, a week Tuesday! I just put my mini on eBay and I'll get a good chunk less if they update them tomorrow! I thought the original rumour said after Labor day which is next week isn't it?
    Im broke now. I hope they wait til October. :(

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  • SirHaakon
    Apr 4, 12:43 PM
    I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen more often. Applestores must be filled with cash. I would think one would be a bit easier to rob than a bank.
    Cash? Who uses that anymore?

    Even your receipt is automatically emailed to you.

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  • munkery
    Jan 14, 01:11 PM
    Maybe theoretically you should do that, but I don't know anyone that actually does on Windows or OS X. In both cases you aren't actually running with your full powers all the time, and get prompted to escalate if something needs admin access.

    The default account created in Mac OS X has password authentication. Your password is the unique identifier. Most people use the default account created by the OS for day to day computing.

    Commercial software shouldn't be installing malware...I mean tons of it now has all kinds of DRM that is arguably malware, but...
    While I'd rather run something without giving it full access to the system, ultimately you're trusting the publisher either way.

    When the software is running with superuser privilege and connects to servers that can be controlled by anybody such as in many online games for Windows, the content downloaded from the server can be written anywhere in your system. This allows keyloggers, backdoors, and malware rootkits to be installed.


    Why! (

    I really doubt they double count things like that, given they're counted separately. I suppose there might be some validity to it if they did.

    They count the number of items in each vendors security releases. Mac OS X includes Flash, Java, & etc by default so vulnerabilities in those are counted for Mac OS X because included in Apple security releases. Often these items constitute the majority of vulnerabilities in the security release. It is only valid if Windows users don't install Flash, Java, various ActiveX components, codecs, etc, etc, etc...

    I'm not seeing why you're saying there's any difference. I don't use IE or Safari as my primary browser, though there may be some validity to including one or the other in the list of OS issues, but at any rate neither yet sandboxes plug-ins to my knowledge.
    There's a flag that can be set for that, but I'm not sure where you're getting it from that article. Regardless 'some' is better than 'none'.

    Except for Chrome which is sandboxed, all browser are susceptible to the security problems of the underlying OS but these issues arise in more than just the browser. An example of how they are different is Java has no security mitigations (DER or ASLR) in Windows (as shown in article) but Java has hardware based DEP and partial ASLR in Mac OS X as Java is 64 bit in OS X. Also, Mac OS X randomizes memory space into 4 byte chunks making it more difficult to defeat ASLR while Windows uses 64 byte chunks. Like you said, some is better than none.

    Security mitigations, such as DEP and ASLR, can be optionally set in Windows OSes for various reasons such as support for legacy software. A lot of software for Windows comes with weak security by default and will break if the user tries to modify its settings. In Mac OS X, apps have a standard level of security mitigations dependent on the type of process (32 or 64 bit) that are set at that standard level when the app is compiled and not modifiable as in Windows (Opt-in, Opt-out, etc).

    Which is different from Windows how?

    Because Windows has a history of malware that achieves privilege escalation and Mac OS X does not? Check out these from late November 2010:

    Security hole in Windows kernel allows UAC bypass (
    Nightmare kernel bug lets attackers evade Windows UAC security (
    UAC bypass exploit for Metasploit (

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  • LaMerVipere
    Sep 12, 02:08 PM
    I hope Apple releases an iPod software update so those of us who already own 5th generation iPods can take advantage of all these new features.

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  • lt;bgt;Loreenalt;gt; lt;bgt;McKennittlt;gt;. Loreena McKennitt - Parallel Dreams (1989) Celtic, Folk | 1CD | APE(image) + CUE + LOG | Covers Scans | 263 MB

  • wazgilbert
    Apr 28, 05:46 PM
    I don't know you. I do know that you have no idea what the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineers and the Project Management Institute is. I do know that you have no idea what Certified Cost Engineer, Certified Forensic Claims Consultant, and Project Management Professional certifications are.

    As I mentioned, Experience or Education isn't necessary to refute the post "Microsoft is DEAD". A 3rd grade education and a tad of common sense would tell you that..

    Obviously, WE all don't. My original post was not addressed to you but to Mr. BR Lawyer whose exact post was "Microsoft is DEAD"... Please go on though and tell me about how "WE ALL KNOW"....

    Again, it's nonsense like this that indicates to me that you have no idea what you are talking about. I need not know about your qualifications or experience. You continue to show me how truly knowledgeable you are..

    So you're saying the only reason anyone goes into business is to make profit?
    It's not possible to see the breakeven point as the fundamental target?
    Staying in business is not important then?

    The associations that you belong to are not going to be recognised so quickly this side of the pond, but I wasn't suggesting you didn't have qualifications, I suggested waving them around was not necessary or well received in a forum where a general chat about giants of industry will not affect their business models or practices one iota.

    Welcome to Macrumors by the way!

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  • daneoni
    Sep 12, 03:14 PM
    my thoughts exactly... there aren't that much of a difference, right??

    anyway, hey, are the search functions gonna be attainable for the last 5gen ipod as well ? with the software update??? i wish that's the case......please

    i've been desperately looking for the reasons as to stick to the old 5gen which i bought just yesterday

    There are no major differences but if i were you i'd go back and trade for the new one or just return the iPod and order a new one. Your window is soo close not to upgrade.

    It doesnt look like the new software features will be added to current 5G iPods. My iPod software just updated and only game functions were added.

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Apr 25, 12:59 PM
    Bye bye built in Superdrive. I'll look back fondly at the five times I used you in the past three years.

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  • dongmin
    Sep 5, 03:28 PM
    If I am forced to watch ANY commercials on the iTunes movie downloads, then I'll never use it, ever. Bad enough I spend $10 to go to a theater to have the same mazda zoom zoom zoom/coke and a smile crap every time.None of iTMS's current video content has any commercials. Why would you expect anything different for features?

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 14, 08:20 PM
    Is it more than a G5? I see someone posted PowerMac processor power consumption, but those were dual processors in a PowerMac. I want to see how much power the single G5 in an iMac consumed.The 970FX specifications are littered in my earlier posts in this thread and in the Woodcrest thread.

    I believe it was along the lines of 80w of power with 25-47w TDP.

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  • asdf542
    Apr 22, 11:58 AM
    Now there's 100GB BDXL. There's plenty of time for Blu-Ray to keep on living on notebooks.
    Err... and how is that relevant? I'm sure Blu-Ray will live on in other notebooks, but Apple's? Unlikely.

    There were 100GB BDXL when Apple refreshed the MacBook Pro's this year.

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  • kbmb
    Mar 29, 11:11 AM
    Remember, having the largest market share != the best experience.

    Good for MSFT if they can get back in the game. If anything I look forward to Google and MSFT battling it out. Apple needs these two to help drive their own innovation forward.


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  • MrFirework
    Oct 27, 03:37 PM
    Am I the only one who thinks this is a non-story? You want to raise my eyebrows?... show me a time that Greenpeace, PITA or any of those other wack-o groups behaves like a bunch of grown-ups and doesn't get thrown out. Here's a headline:

    Greenpeace Attends Apple Expo, Spreads Message of Environmental Responsablility Through Logical Debate and Sound Logic

    Now, THAT's a headline...

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  • jonnysods
    Mar 30, 12:32 PM
    MS: Spend some money on R&D

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  • shaolindave
    May 3, 11:09 PM
    still no blu-ray drive? iMacs should have blu-ray burners by now!
    oh well, maybe with the next update...

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  • Legion93
    Apr 22, 05:23 PM
    TBH, I'm well happy with my 13" 2010 MBA

    Mar 29, 01:17 PM
    :confused:For that to happen, people would have to want to buy a Windows phone... I'm pretty sure hardly anyone I know even realizes that the platform has undergone a major revamp recently.

    My personal opinion is that WP7 is a decent OS, but I just don't see this being a possibility with the meager selection in WP7 software.I agree. I have met only ONE person ever to have a Windows phone. Everywhere I go, iPhones are by far the #1 phone I see.

    Mar 23, 06:10 PM
    Lets leave these apps alone and put the Senators in jail.

    Apr 19, 07:38 AM
    Did anyone else notice that the iPhone picture is actually a 3G running iOS 2.x?

    Silly Apple.

    Aug 24, 08:35 PM
    In any case, it's over and the accessories market will have another player.

    Apple can add the $100 mn expense to their stock options mess, which should produce some very ugly financial statements. However, never having to worry about Creative again is a good thing.

    It's not cheap but it's a sound investment in keeping their iPod business solid. If Creative go after iRiver, Archos, or anyone else, it will also help Apple indirectly.

    Sep 5, 02:10 PM
    I could care less about movies, especially as slow as TV shows download on busy nights.

    I would like to see new pods, though, which I think would be a pretty solid bet. Been almost a year.

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