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Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • LetsFightForIT
    01-31 12:29 PM
    Hi all,
    The questions are 6 and 18 today 9.42Am PST and guess wat i voted yesterday and today from the same computer. SO pls try and vote again today.

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  • swamy
    11-14 11:40 AM
    I would say ignore. If the hosts dont even use 'controversial' to describe him it's pointless trying to call in - its going to be an 'immigrant hate-fest' whether you call in or not and you are not going to win hearts or change minds. I remember 4 or 5 years ago he was raging against the H1 on air as usual and turned around to his staff and asked if CNN too was using the H1program - and the answer unsurprisingly was 'yes'. He has no sense of shame or a modicum of decency - none of his staff members either. And IV is ill-positioned and too narrowly focussed to take him on in any meaningful way given how a core member spoke against the z-visa (for illegals) to some n.carolina newspaper. But again I could be wrong so someone could give it a shot

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  • chicago60607
    09-17 11:30 AM
    Impeachement voting is done

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  • Macaca
    01-29 07:14 PM
    could it be that ppl will not be able to sneak in with pre-approved labor now? if there is a significant number doing that, the PDs will move faster. Congrats IV on this achievement!

    I don't understand the movement of PD at all.

    The only way I can explain is that PD depends on approved LC before PD. Such persons can apply for GC because they are current.


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  • bikram_das_in
    01-19 09:44 AM
    I will contribute to fight this in all possible ways.

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  • prasadn
    10-30 05:00 PM
    Will it be ok to take zerox copy of Green card both Front and Back of the card. I am not sure whether I can take copy of back side of the Greencard...

    Can somebody post their experience.


    You want to know the "experiences" of people on how to take a photocopy ? I believe you got your GC in EB-2 category, so you should be skilled enough to know this.


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  • syzygy
    01-31 01:18 PM
    And I am sure Members of Staff of Presidential Candidates must be looking at top questions right now.

    The questions have moved to 5 and 16 now, under most popular.

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  • Bradman
    11-09 10:06 AM
    What you think and suggest is your problem. I know what all i had go through to be where I am today. I did a receive a call on either occasion from the Presidents office. As a matter of fact when I wrote to the FL and the Senators office then too I received calls.

    Keep you subject very precise and on the top of envelop remember to mention "Immigration Assistance". Please use ordinary mail 41 cents stamp and wait and watch.

    All the best !!!!

    Forgot to mention on all the instance I had sent hand written personal letters just stating traumatic situation which I am going through. Also remember this is a request which we are asking for and there is no moral obligation on their part to expedite.

    Cheers !!!


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  • pappu
    02-02 11:59 AM
    Please see the response that I received from

    The SKIL Bill is a proposed piece of legislation that would increase the
    number of H-1Bs and green cards. It is included in the comprehensive
    immigration bill Congress is likely to consider this spring and will
    hopefully pass in the fall.


    Greg Siskind

    Gregory Siskind, Attorney at Law
    Siskind Susser Bland - Immigration Lawyers
    Telephone: 800-748-3819 or 901-682-6455
    Fax: 800-684-1267 or 901-339-9604
    note the words I bolded in your lawyer's response. :)
    we have to continue to make efforts and not wait for others to hep us get out of this mess.

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  • forgerator
    04-21 11:09 PM
    This is truly unfair where country of birth determined who gets an 'Employment' based greencard before someone else. It can only be fixed by eliminating per-country limits.

    I say why stop there. Why not remove this entire nonsense of EB1 vs EB2 vs EB3 and go with a points based immigration , like they have in Canada? US immigration law is made unnecessarily complex just like their tax law.


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  • f1vlad
    07-12 09:07 AM
    Someone asked about source on his website, and his response is:

    "I really can't go in to details, but the information is reliable."

    I have not seen any confirmation of returned packages yet.

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  • sreech
    08-02 09:46 AM
    Hello All

    I applied 140 in EB2 and got an RFE on Education.I have a Bachelors(3year) and masters(2years) with 8 years of experience.I have submitted an education valution with the petition still got an RFE asking to provide one with the following points
    1)Consider formal education only, not practical training experience
    2) State the collegiate training was post secondary education i .e. did the applicant complete the United States equivalent of high school before entering college
    3)provide a detailed explanation of the material evaluated and how the evaluator has reached their conclusions rather than a simple conclusive statement

    any one please help who has gone through this before



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  • madhuvj
    06-12 05:47 PM
    I believe that there is a great flaw in the way the USCIS allocates VISA NUMBERS among EB1, EB2 and EB3 which is very much evident and if we can stand united we can get something done.

    After carefully observing the trend in VISA approval and VISA bulletins, It is a reality that EB3-I is not moving and at the same time EB2 and EB1 are moving fast in relative terms and probably may even become current ( EB1 is already current ), But one thing USCIS is clearly not considering is the Priority Date, which basically means that they are not giving a damn thing about how long the person from EB3-I is waiting for. Here is my suggestion and some of the IV representatives need to analyse what Iam gonna say and see if they can stand up. Being an EB3-I india myself, i totally agree that EB1 and EB2 should be given a weightage and some preference over EB3, but I dont agree to what USCIS is currently following, EB2 With priority 2006 getting ahead of EB3-I with priority date 2001. This is ridiculous and to even think about it, it just sounds stupid. What they can do is , They can move the Dates in both Categories while giving preference to EB1 and EB2 first.

    Please dont jump up & down before i complete. Iam just giving you an example of how things should work and how they can move dates forward for all 3 categories while maintaining that EB1 and EB2 gets preference over EB3. Let us ignore Eb1, since it is already current. Now Coming to Eb2, the priority Date is 2004 for them.Ideally speaking, They should not move them ahead until atleast EB3 reaches 2004. But once Both EB2 and EB3 reaches the priority date of 2004, Obviously EB2 gets the preference over Eb3 and EB2 will start to move ahead but not by much, let us say 1 year. Now, Clearly, EB2 is still given the extra preference over EB3 but at the same time, we are maintaining the priority dates between EB2 and EB3 as close as possible so that the system is not totally unfair to EB3 filers. I think, as one of the un-biased Organisation we should stand up against this unfair treatment in general. I hope even EB-2 will understand what iam trying to say.

    let me know if iam making any sense. If am wrong, also let me know. So that i can get a better understanding of things and correct myself.

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  • eb3India
    11-16 12:57 PM
    I would like IV and this members here to try and verify this report

    This appears to be complete propoganda by anit-immigrants, I would like to know if there are any legal way to challenge these guys not spread false information.

    can we sue this guys, I myself has paid Social security for 9 years since I came to US


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  • 485Mbe4001
    03-09 12:36 PM
    If someone has experience with working on the software they use for this site, they should volunteer their services. Dont we have a single 'Skilled' immigrant who can help implement those suggestions. This would be a great non cash contribution.

    So I am assuming we have a way to track who they are. Why don't we tag them - on the colored button on the top right, saying something like "xxx doesnot want to contribute but has posted 239 messages" and let people decide whether to read or ignore his message.

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  • whoever
    01-30 08:58 AM
    finally, something good by DOL for us.


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  • HV000
    11-09 08:03 PM
    H1-B has the following advantages under certain conditions.

    1) If you are not yet married, you dump H1 and you are dumping the ability to bring your future wife to US immediately after marriage.

    2) Some states give driving licenses that is valid until the EAD expiry or H1-B I-94 expiry. With H1-B, your hassle of DL renewal is reduced to one third of EAD based.

    Its preposterous that USCIS does not allow LEGAL prospective permanent immigrants using EAD to bring their spouses!!

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  • eb2_immigrant
    04-30 03:18 PM
    With my very best wishes to those of you waiting for your GC, this thread is created for the lucky among us who received it recently. I am putting together a list of things to do, and not do, to maintain our freshly minted PR status, which should also help during future citizenship application. The list is mostly about little things that others have learned from experience (and I am learning from their experience, by reading in immigration-related forums such as IV). The more obvious things that can be found for example in USCIS handbook ( are not included here. Below is a snapshot of what I have gleaned from Internet so far, and please add your own input(s):

    LIST of DO's :

    1. Carry the original PR card on your person at all times (e.g. in your wallet), keep photocopies in different places, and also store A# on your computers. Note: This is a contentious issue (do a google on "carry green card" and see for yourself), despite being required by law ( D&vgnextchannel=4f719c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD). Some people are naturally worried about losing wallet and the eventual hassle of replacing the lost card ( D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD), whereas others, including me, prefer to follow the law, in case I am suddenly asked to produce evidence of my legal status (e.g. in some border states, or unforeseen events, such as being involved in an out-of-state car accident where showing my DL might just not be enough). Failure to comply may result in, at best a fine, and at worst detention for breaking a law. (See comments by InTheMoment below for additional perspectives.)

    2. Retain all original copies of USCIS documents related to your legal status during the entire period of stay in USA, and shred all photocopies (except when you have a photocopy but not its original).

    3. Retain all employment-related documents, particularly original copies of appointment letters.

    4. Retain copies of all tax return forms from the year of your first entry, or (at least) previous 10 years (you can request IRS (, or your professional tax preparer, for any missing copy).

    5. Maintain a detailed log of USA exit/entry, including dates, POE and countries traveled, beginning with the day of first entry.

    6. Maintain a detailed list of all legal troubles, including minor traffic infractions such as speeding violations (ignore parking violations, because they do not constitute legal "detention"), going as far back as possible. Keep copies of all relevant court papers, traffic tickets, proof of any payment (e.g. scanned copies of personal checks used, credit card statements), and so on.

    7. Update your social security card ( to remove any restrictive clause about work authorization printed on it. Note: AFAIK, the procedure changes nothing as far as your privileges go, and some of you may not even have such a clause on your SS card (I don't have it either).

    8. Return your I-94 cards to POE on your next trip outside USA, to "close the open files" on your past travels (I do not know what it means though). Note: AFAIK, this is also not required, and besides, you should have the chance to do this while applying for citizenship.

    9. Renew DL to get rid of the annoying "Temporary" word (in case you are in one of those states that do this).

    10. Update your status with your employer by filing new I-9 form (thanks to InTheMoment for this point).

    11. Continue to notify USCIS ( D) about change of address within 10 days of moving, as before (thanks to seahawks for this point).

    12. Keep a list of current and past residential addresses, including dates of stay. Retain all leases/ownership documents.

    13. Remember the basics: Initiate your GC/passport renewal process at least 6 months before expiry/Intl travel (Thanks to pappu for this point.)

    14. And yes, move the family first commitment at the top of your must-do list, now that you have less worry about re-entry, and make that long-delayed trip home to see your old folks one more time. (I am visiting my 83-yr old Dad, who still has more hair than I do, and less gray too, in June.)

    LIST of DONOT's :

    1. Do not sign up for voter registration card. In particular, never vote in national/state/local elections that are open only to citizens, because this is also a law ( D&vgnextchannel=4f719c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD). Even an accidental mistake (e.g. voting out of ignorance) is a serious offense, which would not only derail your future citizenship plan, but may even result in deportation.

    2. Do not develop a pattern of frequent and/or long absences from USA, unless you have taken prior permission for valid reasons (e.g., studying abroad, medical emergencies etc). Otherwise you may face trouble at POE on your next re-entry attempt, because DHS has become stricter in recent times about possible misuse of PR status, and POE folks are now trained to spot such patterns.

    3. Do not switch job soon after getting GC. This is one of the most discussed, but least understood, issues because no one seems to agree on "how soon is soon". The rule of thumb appears to be "6 months", and a safer bet is "1 year" (here is a thread ( on another forum). This again relates to USCIS being increasingly sensitive to possible misuse of PR status, and this question will come up during your citizenship application process. (But, as InTheMoment points out below, the issue becomes moot if you invoke AC21.)

    4. Those of us who self-sponsored our GC via NIW or EB1A route are not bound by such employer-employee commitment, but you should continue working in "similar areas of expertise" that you claimed in your NIW/EB1A petition, and preferably on a longer time scale.

    [This is an evolving list thanks to valuable inputs from folks here and elsewhere, so keep checking back.]

    Stuck(no more)InTheMuck

    Good post I like it and I probably may follow most of these eventually but, if I think about it, it seems to me lot of stress. Maintaining records from past ten (GC)/fifteen (Citizenship) years is certainly a stressful activity. Except education certificates I never cared for anything in my home country. In spite of taking care of all this, if you get involved in an unfortunate event everything GC/Citizenship goes into vain and back to square one.

    I am not trying to discourage or depress any one. It�s just a thought.

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  • waitingGC
    02-06 04:07 PM
    Until EB3 ROW becomes current....

    I really don't understand here.

    06-23 11:07 PM

    What is the difference between Patriot America & Protection America other than 90/10, 80/20 option. From the comparision chart everything else looks the same. Patrior is slightly cheaper than Protection. One thing that I noticed is you can not renew Patriot if its bought <3months initially, however, Protection can be renewed. Any other good reasons for the price difference?


    07-18 12:50 PM
    Anybody has this situation?

    My case was sent by my attorney June 29th (current July bulletin) USPS certified mail.

    As per USPS online tracking record it was delivered July 2nd 12.45 PM.

    No receipt yet. So far sounds okay.

    But I got the copy of actual delivery receipt stamped by F.Heinauer (Director NSC USCIS) with the date 062907.

    It is a stamp so some of their employee clearly has stamped it.

    Now I am confused if that�s the receipt date they are going to go with and may reject the application.

    And with this many application it may take more than AUG 17th to receive anything back.

    I am very sure it was reached on July 2nd. It was only sent June 29th afternoon.

    And USPS is telling there is no delivery can reach so fast. According to USPS the guy who might have stamped the delivery did not changed the stamp date from 0629 to 0702 since it was a weekend.

    Anybody in the same situation? Any advice?


    not sure about this but i think your receipt date is 6/29 since they considered usps postmark date as the day you filed your application. that's one clear advantage when shipping through usps.

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