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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • asanghi
    02-13 07:18 PM
    A lot of people, including me have lost faith in IV. They are not going to pay. We don't know what IV is working on and we don't believe it can do anything. The sooner IV accepts it, the better. I have seen this personally in talking to people and you can see the evidence with less than 300 people contributing. IV needs to produce results first.

    Before you ladies jump on me with your (p)curses for personal attacks, read on.

    IV needs to figure out other ways to generate cash if it thinks that would help. One way would be advertising on the site. I think IV has built this website well and it is an asset it needs to use NOW. I believe IV can charge up to $10,000 a day for advertising on the website. That would be $300,000/month or $3.6 million a year. Even $3000/day would result in over $1 million. That should not be very difficult to do.

    That I completely agree with. In fact to start with google adsense is good. I think IV was looking into it. But it did not happen.

    I wonder if there was any reason why IV could not do it. If IV does it, it can generate additional funds, and with the number of visitors these funds can be significant.

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  • santb1975
    07-01 09:33 PM
    Let us list our the reasons for not complaining

    If you are on a H1B

    - Employer is withholding pay for 4-8 pay periods and leaving the employer would lead to losing the money
    - DOL and USCIS will not be able to recover all the money the employer owes per the employment agreement even if it reported. They might only recover the $$ mentioned on LCA
    - Employer does not run paychecks periodically so it might be hard to find Jobs and do a sucessful transfer of H1B visa and start the Greencard process all over again

    I485 filed cases

    - Employer withholds documentation and/or does not share documentation related to Labor/140 etc to be able to utilize AC21
    - The Job description that was communicated to the employee while filing the Labor does not match the employee's field of work and the employee has not reviewed the LC prior to signing

    Anything else?

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  • gveerab
    11-10 03:43 PM
    I know some people came here on H1b last year and were able to get EAD. For them it's OK to wait on h1b and keep the EID in safe locker.

    But for those who have been here on H1b for long time with many 1 year extensions, it's good idea to use EAD and make as much money you can or at least try to make. If some thing happens to GC application, I don't think we will have enough time and patience to apply once again and wait for the GC.
    If you use EAD and make enogh money by the time GC rejected, go back to home country and take early retirement instead of re-appalying for GC and praying the GOD.

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  • qplearn
    11-16 12:08 PM
    PAPPU and Others,

    We pay taxes PLUS Social Security for which we dont get any benefit. Dont miss that.

    Let us be assertive about that.

    Not sure if the social security taxes are for immigration benefits. Also, the taxes we pay are for several other services that we get in the US. Remember, even as non-citizens, we get millions of benefits such 911, clean roads, and the list will go on. Why do you think we want to immigrate in the first place? For example, if a law is passed to return to us all the taxes that we have paid but we must leave ASAP, how many will be in its favor?

    I don't think this kind of an argument will hold any water with the press or lawmakers. There are other good VALID arguments, and we should stick to them.


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  • msp1976
    02-06 04:02 PM
    How long will it probably take for China EB2 to move to August 2005? It's now in April 2005. Any idea?
    Until EB3 ROW becomes current....

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  • hrushi_j
    09-17 10:40 AM
    I don't see the schedule for HR 5882 on their website.

    Can someone please confirm if this is going to be held today?

    did you check it on this page?

    It says "Continued Committee Markup of: H.R. 6598, H.R. 6020, H.R. 5882, H.R. 5924, H.R. 5950, and"

    The web cast link is also there...looks like people are still settling down


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  • Macaca
    11-14 02:29 PM
    ... work with the congressmen and senators.

    What will you do if you have convinced ALL lawmakers but they still do not vote for you because of public opposition generated by Lou DoGGS? The FACT ( (NOT opinion) on immigration: In evident pain and remorse, a Republican Senator confessed to a Hispanic group from Maryland that his vote to kill immigration reform was �a profile in political cowardice.�.

    Todays New York's Id ( example:

    Mr. Spitzer�s decision to abandon his plan comes as a poll released Tuesday by Siena College found that seven in 10 New York voters who had heard about it � and more than 80 percent of the 625 registered voters polled had � opposed it. It also found that for the first time, more people viewed the governor unfavorably than favorably.

    The governor and his aides said that they were not reacting to the slumping poll numbers, but acting pragmatically. That the dispute had even tripped up Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who stumbled to answer a question about it in a presidential debate, �was symptomatic of where we were,� he said.

    �The issue was gaining traction not based on thoughtful discourse, but based on sound bites and less than careful analysis,� he added.

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  • dpp
    02-01 02:07 PM
    Fraud is not correct word, it is because of lack of policies or loop holes in the current Immigration System. This can be found in any system, any country, any people. So, there is no need to talk on that. It is better to put our EB related retrogression problems to Congress and no use in discussing these. Otherwise If you start discussing on fraud, every work done by everybody is going to have some kind of fraud. It is to survive and so people do whatever it is, with in the limits of law.

    All people who are being labelled as socalled "Americans" came here like immigrats and theft the land from Native indians. So, everybody is doing wrong. That's part of time. So, no need to blame just few. It is being done by everybody. So, please skip the topic and focus on the our current problems.


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  • Green.Tech
    03-11 11:05 AM
    If I start attacking your wife and kids on this forum you will immediately cry foul. But you want different rules for yourself. Let me take a higher road and not go down to your level.

    Forum Admin,

    Please put a check on this mirage guy/gal. Otherwise please give everyone a free pass to say what everyone has to say. Its not fair that you warn me in a private message but you let mirage say anything that he wants. Its ok to attack me, but my family is out of bound. If this doesn't apply on me, then it should not apply on mirage, and I should be given a free choice to attack mirage's wife and children, right? I do not intend on posting something for anyone's wife/hisband and children because that is not who I am, but I want to make sure you enforce the same rules here as you enforced on me the other day.



    I am not condoning what 'mirage' said to you or any such irresponsible behavior on the forum BUT your complaints to the moderators would have carried more weight if you were behaving in a modest and civil way yourself. Of late, you leave no stone unturned to write flaming messages to piss off others on this forum. All this is super surprising to me because I remember you used to write really good and informative posts. It's like you suddenly lost it or that the other sanju was someone else!

    Let's not all fight among ourselves. We have so many other better things to do!


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  • eb3retro
    06-13 09:28 PM
    not sure how to do this. can some one in this thread create a poll just for eb3-India just to see a ball park number of people waiting in eb3 india and for how long they are waiting (may be we can start from jan 2001 all the way till jun 2008). This atleast would give us an idea of how many IVers are waiting in eb3 queue..pls discard if you did not like this idea. thanks.


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  • lazycis
    12-04 07:16 PM
    I am planing to sue FBI although my case has been just pending for one year. I would like to know if there are any successful cases in Philadelphia region. Thanks.

    There are a lot of successful cases in Eastern PA district. Cao v. Upchurch; Song v. Klapakis come to mind.

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  • adobe howm
    08-26 04:12 PM

    This is not a financial help/grievance forum to discuss about funds transfer problems, or bank reputation. There are many more places for that purpose. If you cannot find one, start one for yourself.

    This forum is meant for discussing US employment based immigration related matters.

    If you still have any doubts, click on the "About us" link on top of the web page and dispel your doubts.

    Admins: Please close this thread.

    I understand that you are trying to be smart but you not quite sounds so. sorry

    of course - this is off topic but the whole point is WE are suffering from it and DOES affects us - may be you are not nor you have any clue about what this means to you.

    the goal of our community is to drive out the common enemy, share our experience to benefit others- may be sometimes it does sounds off topic but that does matters to us, the same way how $$$ matters to you. I would recommend you just think about bit before start comment on it.


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  • srini1976
    11-13 10:39 PM
    In your situation, it is better to use EAD to save remaining time in 6 year period of H1. It is wise to use EAD, if you are in initial 6 year period of H1. In case if 485 is denied, you can go back to H1 and enjoy remaining period in 6 years. H1 extension, beyond 6 years is always based on pending immigration applications like LC, 140 and 485. If 485 (final step in GC) is denied, the H1 extension is also invalid. Fortunatly, USCIS do not have highly integrated system to revoke all underlying benefits (H1 Extn or EAD) based on pending immigration application was denied. After denying 485, unless USCIS specifically revoke H1B extension they granted after 6 years or EAD, you may be eligible to legally work with that document till its expiry. However, if they bring more integration to their system, they may deny all subsidary benefits due to denial of 140/485.

    Hi Ramba,

    Thanks for your response.

    I have few other questions based on your response please. I am considering BOTH the options and will act accordingly with the BETTER option.

    (1) EAD -To have the remaining of H1 as back up: If I use EAD and move to the new employer and also send AC21 documents to USCIS. My current employer will cancel H1 and revoke approved I-140. Also looking at the current scenario if USCIS denies 485 within a couple of months how do I get back to H1-B ASAP while I file MTR?

    (2) H1 - Maintain H1 and use AC21 with H1 transfer(I will have around 9-10 months of H1 remaining at this point of time): And if current employer cancels H1 and revokes I-140 and that triggers 485 denial, I will still have some H1 period remaining and this should aid me in CONTINUING the new JOB while I file MTR?


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  • pappu
    09-29 01:50 PM
    I recently saw one case where an H1B application was reopened. The LUD was updated even after being approved more than a year ago. The reason was that the company had applied for an L1 visa for another applicant and the case received an RFE and all other immigration cases of the company came under review. The new L1 visa case was denied but the old H1B approval for another applicant did not get any denial or RFE. So make sure you work for a good company and have a clean immigration case, else there are some scares along the way.Thanks Pappu.

    I have already contacted my previous employer's law firm and also my current employer's law firm regarding the developement's.

    As you rightly said, each case is different so it is very difficult to generaize. I did google for any similar situation, but found out that all of the cases which were reopened were for I-765 , I-485 and may be as u pointed out for I-140.

    But an H1 which was approved an year ago, I have'nt heard of anysuch thing.

    There has been no fraud, mis-interpretation, complaint on my part and the niether did the law firm nor the US insurance firm...I am confident about that....

    Lets see what the notice says..and I will update everyone of the findings...


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  • srikondoji
    10-10 01:53 PM
    staying debt free, buying physical gold, convert half of your dollars to rupees, owning physical silver etc are the best options for now.

    Real estate property prices will crash in Hyderbad. There is no shortage of land in and around Hyderabad. Already talk of giving away Hyderabad to Telangana is hotting up.

    The cheap money from Japan is gone and will never come again. Call rates for banks have risen to 20% (bank to bank lending).
    Already there are fissures in European Union in handling the crisis.
    The situation is out of reach for USA and Dollar value may crash. The recent runup in dollar is due to Euro crashing. It is a temporary phenomenon.

    Keep an eye on all the economic indicators and you will do good for yourself and your family.
    I already got plenty of red reps for this sage advise in the past 8 months.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-22 01:33 PM
    If ben doesnt do something today, i might just have to go ahead and start the poll myself.


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  • Refugee_New
    08-25 11:28 AM

    I used to transfer money earlier by Remit2India (R2i) and sometimes C2i but since then they started making ( or your stealing) more brokerage money out of my hard earned dollars - i switched :cool:

    Let me know how you feel the online SBI - they are always 15-10 p more than ICICI or CITI so at the end of year if you save average $25k you are anyway saving Rs 25k/year. Plus they maintain some ethics about tweaking rates and the exact day they dump the cash to your account - i got about 43.25 when market rate was 43.57 and those smart banks ( or thieves) were doing around 43.07..43.12

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the info diptam.

    ICICI bank did steal my money. Conversion rate applied to my transaction is less than the rate that was on the actual initiation date, transaction date, processed date.

    Not only that its a record time remittance from ICICI bank.

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  • senthil1
    05-24 01:06 PM
    They are trying to make sure that current situation is better. The message is clear.If you ask more you will lose whatever yo have also.

    It looks like these politicians want to create more and more pain instead helping to get out of the problem.

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  • neverbefore
    08-19 03:46 PM
    ((Frustration + Malice - Grace) * Jealousy) ^ (Low linguistic skills) = This post


    Why are you so PROUD to be an American? Just be happy for it...its just your need so that you can live in this country for as many year as you want and of course its good achievement and i am happy for you, you just lived here for 10+ yrs and you forgot your Home country where you were born and gave you a good education with you had an opportunity to come here and make your life based on should be PROUD of that country no matter where you go and what you achieve its all because of you Home Country

    If you are form INDIA then you should say "Mera Barath Mahan" first and then "God Bless America"

    Many Congrats!! to you on your American Citizenship Good Luck!!

    06-11 03:39 PM
    This can financially drain you out. My insurance agent told me that they cant get the money straight out of your bank account , because how will they find out your bank account number and the bank? How do they know how many bank accounts you have? What if you send money to India before the judgement is entered against you? If you have a house, they can go after your house or car. What about their own insurance policy? Maybe their insurance can also pay as uninsured motorist pay? Retirement income is usually protected in some states and hence I dont think your 401K is at risk. Once your insurance company pays out the maximum, you can basically say hands up, I have given up.

    I am already financially/emotionally drained out due to my accident. I guess its going to be deja-vu for me again.

    Now I have hardly any money in my bank accounts(around 14K to be precise), and no house , which seems to be a good news and they cannot rip off much.

    Only questions I have now are:
    1. Any idea generally how long these things can go on?
    2. During the trial will there be any restrictions on leaving the country (In genuine emergency situations)?
    3. In the worst case if I am willing to give-up my GC..would it still make sense for us(my spouse and 2 kids) to go thru all this emotional stress all over again by staying here and thinkign about what will happen tomorrow...?

    10-03 03:33 PM
    If you have health insurance (which I doubt) go to some doc. and get some life injected. That will certainly help you in your current situation and you may be able to jump to EB1.:D

    May God Bless You.

    EB2 india/china... see this..
    and then see this

    ab bajao ghanti... aur chup chap baithe raho
    (translation: sit there like a paraplegic in the line and do nothing ... while a massive line jumping is in process... you will keep seeing while all these EB3 "bodyshopped consultants" will continue to slowly port their PDs and get approved ahead of you.. EB2 I/C is in for a really really long wait.
    Honestly, these consultants don't even have an H1B worthy job: its not a permanent job offer. They don't get paid fulltime. Let alone their eligibility for a GC ....what a scam!

    We need to let uscis know and audit all current and past approved cases from these consultants)

    FYI ...With support from a few people .. we are in the process of filing a Direct injunction for stoppage and immediate audit of interfiled/approved cases. But more support would be appreciated.

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