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Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • snathan
    01-17 11:54 AM
    Pappu, aman and other IV core members...please guide us this fight..

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  • walking_dude
    11-14 02:39 PM
    Thanks my friend. I knew I could count on you :)

    WD, I am with you on this.

    I am even going to call the radio and ask the same thing you have put in that letter if they ignore my emails.

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  • jnraajan
    03-13 11:43 AM

    Allow me to respond to your message. But before I do that, will request you to please remove the advertisement to your website - which in my opinion is divisive. IV is not just for Indians or for people from any one country/geographical location. Hope you would agree and do the necessary at your earliest convenience.


    Sure. It has been done

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  • superdoc
    08-14 08:40 PM
    agree with u..i gave u green !


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  • misanthrope
    10-03 11:19 AM
    Sensible people,
    I need some greens here. :P

    EB2 I/C retrogression 10-03-2008 11:11 AM Here you go again.
    EB2 I/C retrogression 10-03-2008 08:17 AM Kutte
    EB2 I/C retrogression 10-03-2008 08:16 AM Saale
    EB2 I/C retrogression 10-03-2008 01:23 AM disapprov

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  • gunsnkars
    11-02 11:45 AM
    Agreed getting a GC is a painful process not to mention the bureaucracies that go with it.Agreed serious lobbying is necessary to bring about a change in the legislative system coz waiting for years to get ones GC is plain ridiculous.But the idea of REVERSE BRAIN DRAIN is just a myth.I am pretty sure that atleast 80% of the people are just average Joes whose intellect is just better than those blonde babes of the "Girl next door" reality series.We should be glad that we were raised in a foreign country lest would have replaced those poor old folks saying "welcome to wal-mart".So lets stop talking about reverse brain drain and atleast not try to replace those intelligent ones back home. We being here is best for our country and our economy.


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  • rkm
    10-07 07:24 PM
    Global economy downfall impact will be there in india also,Indian Stock market is also going down, Due to Inflation, High interest ,Election year (India). It is better to wait till next year.

    Even in Mumbai, prices are coming down (~10-20% from last year) however they are so high right now it has to crash more than 50% to come in "NRI" range. I feel sorry for the common middle class of Mumbai... They have no options but to go beyond Borivali and Thane even after crash :( ....

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  • seahawks
    07-18 10:15 AM
    Thank you. Please encourage everyone to sign too. H1 visas have a fee to retrain, educate students in math and science. It amounts to billions of dollars that is used for educating students here. I think we need to educate him and not put up with whatever he feels can say and untrue. Besides we have all contributed and have not strained any support system like social security, medicare.


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  • prashantc
    01-22 11:49 AM
    Dear All, Which number do you call to talk to Chennai consulate officials? The number given on the website seems to only have information, and no operators.

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  • bestin
    12-13 05:27 PM
    If IV becomes a paid site

    pro:we can restrict the site to those who r serious about immigration
    con:lots of other sites similar to IV would crop up.

    25 initial is good.10 recurring would have been apt and would attract many.just think of sacrificing a sunday buffet for u or spending on Gas to visit some place.

    personal opinion.opinion varies.


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  • absaarkhan
    02-11 01:48 PM
    Per Rajiv Khanna this is Possible.

    I have posted the exact same question on Rajiv Khanna's website.
    He did answered this question. According to him this is possible and also asked
    him if i need to go out of US to get the H1B stamping, he replied this is NOT requried and
    the new H1B Transfer will be approved with I-94 attached to it.

    Reference: The Question is on Jan 17 Conference call on Rajiv's Website

    Search for Aquib

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  • mrdelhiite
    07-10 03:13 PM
    (Greg Siskind's Blog)

    USCIS service centers are holding adjustment applications filed based on the initial July Visa Bulletin. Some applications received on the first business day were returned, but all applications since then are being held and not returned. One can speculate on the reason, of course. Possibly USCIS is preparing for a loss in litigation. Possibly they are preparing to cave sooner. Let the speculation begin....

    Thanks for sharing this.



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  • chintu25
    07-12 12:22 PM
    :D Here is an email address for emailing letters to USCIS. Please send only approved formats from IV


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  • snathan
    01-17 10:30 AM
    This is a developing story. I am sure there are lots of IV members in H1 and getting/going to be affected. one of the option I am trying to explore is to take the USCIS and CBP to the court. They do not have the authority to decide the employer-employee relationship.

    First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out�because I was not a communist;
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out�because I was not a trade unionist;
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out�because I was not a Jew;
    Then they came for me�and there was no one left to speak out."

    The Insightful Immigration Blog � Commentaries on Immigration Policy, Cases and Trends: NEW USCIS MEMO ON EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP FOR H-1B PETITIONS: IS IT A WAY TO KEEP CERTAIN WORKERS OUT? (

    Here I want to know how many IV members are in H1B and going to suck into this and how many are ready for the fight. In terms of money and time. Remember, you may not be travelling out of the country anytime soon. But when you are filing for I-485, USCIS can deny because you are not in status at the time of filing. Because throughout the H1B period you need to maintain the employee-employer relationship as per this memo. So no one is safe.

    So its time to decide our future and life. If you are complacent and soon you will pay the price. Act before its too late.

    Lets take the bull by its horn. If you vote, post your details in this thread. otherwise there no use of voting.


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  • krishna.ahd
    02-05 04:16 PM
    Letting h4s work in "non specific-skilled jobs" may actually work against us because they will be in direct competition with local people in those jobs and anti immigrant will be against it. I guess porting to h1 from h4 can be a good option and a feasable option.
    Stay focused our (IV) Main Agenda, please dont get distracted with all these ideas.

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  • hope4gc
    01-21 08:39 PM
    What exactly do you mean when you say starting this business? Do you want to open a trading account on your own and trade? Join a day trading firm? Or open a Fund? Each one will have different implications on H1. You can open your own investment account with a brokerage firm and trade your own money, no problem with H1 what so ever.
    If you join a day trading firm you will have to be on H1 with them. Very few ones do but I know of a couple who will do it. In fact a classmate of mine is working as a Trader/Analyst with a small trading firm in NYC. They have sponsored his H1.
    Starting a fund, (if you can get the seed money :D), you open a LLC and sponsor yourself. You will be an employee of the company and draw a salary. You tell me what you have in mind and I will tell you what to do or what I did.
    Thanks for that Info, here is my requirement
    I am on H1B and plan to have my own company as a trader to trade stocks.
    I will be the owner and wish to draw profits, may not have employee in my company for now(please advice, if i need to)
    I need inputs to know what type of company should that be (LLC, S Corporation.. e.t.c.)?
    Is it advisable to have a GC holder/citizen as partner?
    What form of income should i withdraw(salary/profits/dividends/Interest..) How is the income considered when i file my taxes?
    I am not aware of anyone who can sponsor my H1 as a trader atleast for now, if i get the right opportunity, i am open for that
    Thanks again


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  • grinch
    06-03 12:40 PM
    The skin is ok, just the lining is a little uneven, and in the middle I can see a little white around the touch pad. Try using the circular marquee tool.

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  • Desertfox
    11-01 06:10 PM
    [QUOTE=v2neha;191166]I won't go back - not because I am lazy or afraid of smarter people back home. [QUOTE]

    You are right on target man!! Its much harder to compete there back home.... plenty of smarter people out there.:D

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  • eb3_nepa
    04-22 09:07 PM
    I have not contributed much as comapred to top guys but I have generated atleast $600 through my efforts to rope in new guys & requested them to put in some money. Some did but some did not

    Same here, infact i was even lucky enough to generate abt $200 from 2 american citizens of Indian origin of my community.

    11-14 01:36 PM
    Thanks guys for your suggestions. But no thanks!

    Let me continue with my action while you continue with yours.

    My posts are not intended for you. They are meant for the rare breed that think they can make a difference in this world. I'm sorry to know you aren't that.

    I would rather spend my time working for causes that I beleive - IV as well as Immigrants Rights, instead of wasting time on an on-line brawl. I'm sure you guys also have better things to do in life.

    Let's just move on.

    I totally agree with you on this hypocrite Lou Dobbs and also admire your determination and sticking to your views. I too belive that we can make a change if we are determined. I have written my views to the radio station eventhough I don't listen to that channel as I live somewhere far. I hate to side track the issue but I couldn't control my self to accept that Alexander was great( that apprears in your posts) I stongly belive that he was not great but was a coward (I came to conclusion after reviewing the history)

    12-16 11:19 AM
    Folks - this campaign is endorsed by IV core. This is a very important campaign moving forward with the new president.

    This thread always remains on top to get more visibility. Please send your stories and also urge everyone you know to send their stories

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