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Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • for_gc
    06-07 08:32 AM
    This is good!

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  • rimzhim
    02-05 04:18 PM
    I think this is great idea EB3_NEPA. We need to work on this!!! A good interim solution. That way we can actually show the contribution that we can make to the society as a family. Does anyone have an idea where we can start?

    How about sending letters to our representatives and then contacting the media on the plight of our spouses rather than on us!!! May be the human rights folks can help us on this.
    can the H4 not apply for a new H1B? Is H4 barred from applying for H1B? If not, I don't see where the prob lies. plus how will this solve the retrogression issue?

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  • mallu
    12-03 05:52 PM
    I heard that it needs to be at least 21 months to be able to win the law sue...and suing them might not work anymore when my pending time is qualified.

    If someone else with similar names/same birthdays commited a crime, why do we need to suffer as a possibly "HIT"?

    If I were to wait for 4 years for Name Check, I rather be the person commiting the crime so they can reject my I485 instantly.


    They will allow the applicants for N number of years ( it is not as a favor to the applicant but as favor to the US businesses that employ them ) to work and roam around and won't give the benefit in the name of namecheck clearance. The term blockheads were invented for these.

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  • meridiani.planum
    05-26 04:11 AM
    This link looks to be from the HR. Menendez bill is in the senate. The text of the bill is not available at this time.|/bss/|

    Have to watch this one carefully. Kennedy (one of the co-sponsors of this bill) had thrown EB immigrants under the bus last year while favoring FB and illegals (in CIR). Need to be see the contents of this bill very carefully. Esp this clause from the AILA report:
    "Addressing the decades-long backlogs for certain countries by raising the per-country immigration limits from 7 percent to 10 percent of total admission".
    The CIR in 2007 had a similar clause, bumping up the country-limit from 7% to 10%, BUT it had another related clause that stopped rollover of visa's in the last quarter.
    That would be disastrous for people from India and China as number of visas issued for the whole year will go DOWN!!
    The recapture clause sounds promising , provided there is atleast an even split between EB and FB (of EB coming before FB). If they do it the other way around (like they had done in the last recapture for schedule-A nurses) then EB people will see no benefit of the recapture, and will end up losing one more quick-fix option.

    Eagerly waiting for the bill text so the dissection and analysis can begin!!


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  • 2ndJuly
    09-17 02:09 PM
    here how it will be considered:
    first human--> followed by illegal immigrants-->next horses-->last and least aliens

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  • ganguteli
    05-14 12:15 PM
    Guys stop giving respect to this low life Nitinboston. He is an anti-immigrant hiding on our site for past one year reading all posts and reporting to his bosses. Now suddenly his rat fraternity boss asked him to do go the Lion's den and Roar. But he could not and his rats behind got nailed by PresidentO and QAslueth etc.


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  • Carlau
    02-05 04:44 PM
    eb3_nepa's request is valid in the context that spouse of an L1 can take up any Job.. & the spouse of the proposed 'Blue Card" can take up any job.. why not a H4?

    I cannot agree with you more.

    On the other hand for those ones that say that we (H-4s) could apply for H-1B easily, it is not easy if you are not in IT. Some people said -although doesn't make much sense looking that L-1 and Blue card spouses would be able to work-, that if you do not want the H-4s to compete with average joes?, then an intermediate solution is to require a Bachellor degree minimum education requirement for getting the H-4s a H-4B (my new name for employment authorization), yes, dependend on the H-1B, if the H-1B is laid off the H-4 would still have the chance to apply for H-1B (without counting in the yearly quota) or leave the country after 6 months. Why should we get a F-1 visa?, most of us arrived highly educated.

    Most people do not seem to understand that the spouses of L-1s (legal) can work, and the spouses of Blue card holders (Agjobs) would be able to work, so leaving the H-4s out is DISCRIMINATION!

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  • eb3India
    03-08 11:17 AM
    Growing up I use to goto an organization wearing kakhi-chaddi, so I grow up hating Mahtma Gandhi (but that ws long time ago),

    I now has so much respect for this Man, I wonder how was he able to cheer and integrate my fellow Desi's ;) almost 60-80 years ago, if I think about it now seems almost like a miracle.

    We really need to look into his life and find some answeres, as we have long battle and it is just getting started


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  • goodluck
    06-13 06:13 PM
    Called all the congressmen. I got voicemails but was able to keep a good voicemessage detailing our position.

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  • chandlerguy98
    06-14 01:43 PM
    I think there is another issue here. lets say you file for your 485 and you get married later in teh that if PD retregresses again, your spouse wont be able to file for 485, since she gets your PD. so you might get approved sometime next year and you will loose your h1b status, then it gets to be a problem for the spouse since she is still waiting for PD to please talk to a lawyer and get all the facts...


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  • chetanjumani
    03-14 02:15 PM
    We have seen that even after the PD being current, there have been many people whose cases have not been approved. We saw last year in July many cases with later priority date and later receipt dates were approved and people with earlier PD and earlier Receipt dates still waiting,

    Now with the 180 day rule for FBI name check, things could be expected to be little better, but we have to remember that since most of the cases are paper based, some one has to physically get to cases from a huge storage, sort it manually, distribute it manually and get it adjudicated.

    So even if the visa number is current, just beacuse the number of applications are so high that we still cannot say for sure whose cases are going to be approved.

    From, it appears, the biggest factor in getting the GC visa number allocated to a case is, having a case ready to be adjudicated and in the hands of an immigration officer at a time, when both processing date and priority dates are current. It appears that even after the huge retrogression, there were not enough demand for AOS based approvals, so they had to PD current to allow CP based cases to use the visas and ensure they are not wasted. I like the fact that visa were at least not wasted, but I would have loved to see applicants who have been waiting for years to have a first opportunity to that visa, specially because they have done everything that any one could do.

    I have been pro-fee increase by USCIS, only provided that they will use this money to expedite the processing, make things eletronic, make things more transparent, and to be honest, I feel the overall improvements are happening. Though I still see a lot of scope for futher improvements.

    We have clearly seen that labor processing has been improved dramatically with PERM. Now waiting for years to get Labor is almost history. I hope that IV and all its members direct its efforts towards ensuring that we see the improvements in efficiency that we expected to happen with fee increases.

    Lets unite together to work for a system which is fair and efficient for everyone. Lets contribute to IV administrative fixes and any other efforts which will ensure a higher efficiency and better utilization of visa numbers for AOS applications.

    I would like to take this opportunity to ask all the smart and creative people here to put some effort and find out what real steps could be taken
    - Identify what was expected from the fees increases like
    =>more information online about the case status.
    => Some tracking on how much backlog is reduced each month
    => come up with a trend of how much time it would take to complete the backlog.
    => Use the statistics, to keep the pressure on the agencies, to improve effencies.
    - Verify that those steps (which needed fee increase) have actually taken place
    - Maintain Statistics to show how successful Fee Increase was ....
    - Ask for multi year EAD/AP
    - Ensure, that once a higher fees is paid for EAD/AP, every one should be treated equally(as in all other renewals should be free)

    Keep coming up with what all needs to be done. How we could track it. How could we maintain statistics which would put the needed pressure on agencies which need to improve....

    Again I would encourage to come with ideas which will unite the legal immigrants togther and be fair to every one instead of ideas that will divide us and help one group at the cost of other.

    We all deserve to get cases processed in a reasonable time. SO lets put ideas together....................

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  • diya
    03-20 04:55 PM
    Your comment reminded me of something I had penned down right after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visit to the US. It was very depressing.
    A White Collar Slave
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh�s visit to the White House was well reported in the media and the Presidents acknowledgement of the contributions made by the people of India- Indian American�s was most gracious. He also made a point to acknowledge the contributions made by Indian students to America�s Universities. All this is most heart-warming. However, as a legal non-permanent resident awaiting labor certification (or the ability to work) since the past 3 years I feel bound by invisible chains whose cold steel refuses to be warmed. The labor certification process is technically supposed to take 12 months.
    Post 9-11, grinding to a near halt the labor certification process of permanent residency applicants is a �win-win� opportunity for the government. Get these highly skilled laborers on a short-term lease of an H1B. Pass off the bureaucracy and red tape of the INS on the process of Homeland security. The latest breakdown, the INS information technology system has been down for 6 weeks now. When asked questions about a status of the system, they donot respond
    HIB visa holders make money in dollars that certainly affords them a higher income than would have been possible in their own country. I donot want to undervalue this benefit. But, the American government and citizens hugely profit from the brief stay of these H1B�s in America. H1B�s make money, 99% of which is placed in American banks, which enables banks to fund American projects of citizens and noncitizens. They buy American stock, pay into a social security system and a pension fund that the may not have access to when they themselves are seniors- after all the H1B is only for 6 years. Besides the obvious monetary contributions, they contribute culturally, linguistically and through charity to American society
    While they are contributing in as many ways to the American society. Their own lives are in limbo. Continuously stressed over the next rule change in visa status that may affect them, or visiting relatives. Their able spouses unable to work due to visa restrictions. Most of them, live in clean, minimal living comforts as there is always the thought of having liquid cash as one may need to leave the country and then having expensive electronics, cars or furniture may not make any sense. For most of them it does not make sense to own a house on a 6-year work contract.
    The opposing argument is that HIB visa holders are subjecting themselves to this lifestyle. After all there are no visible chains around their feet, they are free to return and contribute to the economy of their own countries. But the �American dream� is an invisible chain currently held by INS merchants as they pull, push or decide to hold steady their white-collar slaves.


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  • desi485
    02-13 02:42 PM
    why immigration lawyers provides different anwers on this? I guess, still some confusion...

    is there any one on IV Community who used AP to travel and after coming back, successfully transferred the H1B visa to a new employer???

    Please share...!!!

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  • StukAtBEC
    01-31 10:06 AM
    14 and 23...


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  • jsb
    10-29 08:41 AM
    I am a registered member not contributing financially so far. I beliefs are as fake as "reverse brain drain". I am neither fake nor anti immigrant. I am not a citizen of the USA nor a permanent member to be anti immigrant. But I always like to try and see if I can walk a mile in their shoes before making tall claims about anything. I beleive the USA govt will really stop the reverse brain drain if it is that big an issue for them without even we trying to tell them.

    There is so much lineup for GC's in the US answers your question on brain-drain. When someone talks of reverse brain-drain, that just means that there are some people who are not trying to stay back here, or are returning back if it does not work out quickly. It does not mean that no one is trying to migrate to the US, and there are long lines for migration from US to China/India etc. Facts speak for itself. What you say might happen in 50 yrs, but that is not the case today.

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  • abhijitp
    03-29 02:26 PM


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  • shortchanged
    07-19 09:15 PM
    Did you keep new filing fee also? When I spoke to custumer service by 800 number call, she said you have to keep new check and original sealed medical along with duplicat filing.Wish you all the best!

    Same as me :D but for the fact that I sent in mine without medical. What do you guys think the chances are of USCIS sending an RFE instead of rejecting the application outright?

    Btw..I did "re-file" with completed medical yesterday. I am just hoping they accept my July 2 app. to avail, if any, advantages of RD.

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  • trueguy
    09-15 06:23 PM
    Guys, Oct'08 VB is out and dates are retrogressed again? How on the earth dates can go back. This is the most stupid system I have ever seen in my life.

    Don't they have computer in USCIS? If not, I can send some money to buy few computers so they can process EB3-I applications.

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  • vipulgoel
    05-01 02:34 PM
    My contribution is also on the way !!!

    03-29 02:20 PM
    Posted to FB.

    12-13 08:57 PM
    And I don't blame you for thinking that way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stating your new (modified) stand on this issue. :)


    I saw the poll in the morning and voted FOR making this a paid site, but going through the discussions and a little bit of soul searching (slow day at work :p) i am a bit wary about making it a paid site now.

    As much as i would like to see the riff-raff (pardon the expression) go away, maybe we should be more inclusive then exclusive (?). Not everyone is an early adoptor, it took me a while to contribute as well, but i did eventually turn around and contributed the lil bit i could.

    Thats just my take, and excuse the rather altruistic title of my post.

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